Monday, 14 December 2015

A Sell Out at Everard Read, Johnnesburg

They Fly,Charcoal and pastel on cotton paper, 230cm x  140cm
Following the success of Taylor’s most recent sell out exhibition at Everard Read, the artist is already hard at work on a new installation piece that is the culmination of a journey that began at the Cradle of Humankind during a Nirox residency. This opportunity proved to be pivotal in shifting Taylor’s art practice into a new dimension. her most recent exhibition, "Come Together, Fall Apart", Everard Read, Johannesburg, July 2015 was opened to a bustling crowd, and has been endorsed once again by collectors.

Known for subtle and seductive paintings and prints, her recent body of works displayed a significant conceptual growth on the part of the artist. While the market responded favourably to the tried and tested quality two dimensional pieces, these were offset by innovative three dimensional works that use layered glass to present new perspectives to the viewer.

A work comprising a cross-legged figure, comes together in three dimensions as the result of overlaying five layers of atoms painted on panes of glass. It provided a compelling focal point. The work uses depth, light and optical illusion to portray humanity as a series of visual perspectives that reminds us that we are nothing more than layers of the same materials that make up everything around us. 

Layers of Reality, Enamel on Glass,140cm x 100cm
Says gallery director, Mark Read, “ Both constant innovation as well as taking your collectors along with your artistic journey is a key part of sustaining longevity in the art world. Taylor's approach is a great example of this. While her conceptual and experimental side has seen significant shifts, evident in this body of work, her approach is still balanced. This show allowed the broad range of supporters of her work the comfort of beautifully executed pieces that they have come to expect from this artist, while exploring her newer more conceptual approach. We are excited by the coming installation and felt that separating it from this body of work would give it the attention it deserves as a significant marker of her artistic voice gaining new ground. “

Says Taylor: “I am making art to understand my own place. A sound and simple explanation for me is that human development, over time, resulted in a divergence out of the natural system. Our early ancestors took a few evolutionary steps away from “instinct” and looked back at the world with self-awareness and free will – duality- at once a gift and a curse. This shift away from natural order created the assumption that humans are separate.”

Star Matter VI,oil on Linen canvas,40cm x 40cm