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Art Week Joburg

19 – 24 August 2014




Art Week Joburg

From the 19 to 24 of August 2014 the first edition of ART WEEK JOBURG premieres in Johannesburg. Initiated by the Contemporary Art Development Trust (CADT), and launched in Cape Town in 2012, ART WEEK was supported by the Visual Arts Network South Africa (VANSA) and continues to grow each year. This year, it comes to Joburg for the very first time

“Joburg art week is an important initiative in connecting the city and offering visitors and Jozi locals the opportunity to have access to the creative activities of the city in a relatively easy and interactive way”.
Lerato Bereng, Curator, Stevenson Gallery, Johannesburg

ART WEEK JOBURG provides the platform to showcase as well as reinforce the existing strengths of the Joburg Art scene. Modelled on ART WEEK CAPE TOWN which has run successfully for 2 years, ART WEEK is an initiative aimed at increasing the visibility of, and strengthening, the visual arts industry in cities throughout South Africa. For one week each year, galleries, museums, arts organisations and artists, collaborate to create a strong public focus on the vibrant art scene of your city. For new and curious audiences, and those more familiar with Joburg’s art scene, ART WEEK JOBURG enables a wide and fresh engagement with new young talent and renowned works of art of notable international repute.

In the week preceding and leading up to the FNB Joburg Art Fair 2014, ART WEEK JOBURG activates various creative hubs including Soweto, the Rosebank Art Strip, Maboneng Precinct, Arts on Main, Braamfontein, Newtown and Alexandra with a line up of events including but not limited to exhibitions, artists walkabouts, performances, public art walks, panel discussions, graffiti tours and panel discussion.  Highlights of the week abound, including Pat Mautloa’s exhibition opening at Mashumi Projects in Vilakazi Street, Soweto on Tuesday 19 August, a walkabout on Wednesday 20 August by artist Roger Ballen at Circa on Jellicoe, as well as a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “Regarding Women” at Gallery MOMO, and a performance at the Goodman Gallery by The Brother Moves On titled “The Brother Breaks the Bullion”. On Saturday 23 August, Fourthwall Books gives a talk on publishing, and “Short Change” opens at the Market Photo Workshop Gallery.

About the ART WEEK concept

ART WEEK CAPE TOWN is an annual festival, running for between one and two weeks, that comprises a diverse programme of contemporary art events taking place throughout Cape Town. The inaugural ART WEEK CAPE TOWN took place between 24 November and 2 December 2012. It received  acclaim from audiences who attended the events and participating stakeholders. ART WEEK CAPE TOWN 2013 enjoyed an increase in recognition, participation and audience numbers. Initiated by the Contemporary Art Development trust (CADT), ART WEEK CAPE TOWN was made possible through the collaboration of galleries, cultural organisations, academic institutions and independent artist collectives.

The purpose of ART WEEK is to develop new audiences and increase public awareness of the vibrant contemporary art scene in Cape Town and now in Johannesburg. It promotes the activities of many artists, curators and other innovators living in and around the city. Importantly, ART WEEK also seeks to invigorate the commercial aspect of the industry, in turn generating employment opportunities. The aim is for ART WEEK to become an annual highlight in each city’s cultural calendar, and increase public access to and appreciation of the visual arts in South Africa. Based on similar successful models abroad, ART WEEK creates a public programme for one short period each year, in which galleries, museums, arts organisations and artists have the opportunity to share audiences and information resources. All participants have their various events included on a map which is distributed free of charge around the city. Unlike a regular festival or serial exhibition, the content of ART WEEK is generated entirely by participants.

This very successful format comes to Johannesburg, with VANSA driving what has been a widely collaborative and exciting process.


“Gallery MOMO is excited that Art Week has finally come to our city! Joburg needs a visual arts-based activation and there is no better time than during Joburg Art Fair. The more collaborative initiatives generated in the arts, the better for everyone. This really is a positive step forward and we wish VANSA all the best in making Joburg Art Week grow from strength to strength”.
Karen Brusch, Gallery Manager

ART WEEK JOBURG is a collaborative partnership between CADT, VANSA and ARTLOGIC, it seeks to create a more robust community of art producers, consumers and appreciators, by acting as a market platform, an information hub and a leisure attraction for locals and visitors.

ART WEEK JOBURG, takes place around the 2014 FNB Joburg Art Fair, and will function around the Fair, programming, supporting and enhancing the experience in the days preceding the event. A total of 48 participants including art galleries, individual artists, independent spaces and curators will be hosting ART WEEK JOBURG 2014. Asides from the main programme broader precinct activity such as restaurants, shops, neighbourhood markets and live music are included.

“It is interesting for me to be part of ART WEEK JOBURG 2014. This helps to re-foster art in our communities and helps communities to know about local artists. For me it would be a mini retrospective having work dating from more or less the time I started doing art. Quite exciting that I would be showcasing in the place I lived around since I came to Mofolo in 1954.”
Pat Mautloa, Artist, Johannesburg

ART WEEK JOBURG features not only a wide range of programming – from exhibitions, to walk abouts to panel discussions – but also a broad range of spaces including Galleries, Non-profit arts organisations, artists’ studios and arts collaboratives. Some of these are well-established and pivotal parts of the visual arts community such as the Goodman Gallery, while others are much newer additions to an increasingly growing and thriving industry, such as Kalashnikovv Gallery in Newtown and Gom.Arts collective in Alexandra Township.

Galleries, organisations, artist studios and book publishers have come together over the past 4 months to collaboratively develop the ART WEEK JOBURG programme. This week-long, jam packed showcasing of the broadest range of Johannesburg’s visual culture will provide both new and well versed audiences with an exciting foray into what Joburg’s art scene has to offer.


Tuesday 19 August:          Soweto
Wednesday 20 August:    Rosebank Art Strip
Friday 22 August:               Maboneng Precinct
Saturday 23 August:          Braamfontein and Newtown precincts
Sunday 24 August:            Alexandra

“Art Week Joburg is a great opportunity to participate in Johannesburg's vibrant art scene. I hope to build upon this by bringing together artists from Detroit and Johannesburg at the historic Cosmopolitan Hotel in the CBD”.
Ingrid Lefluer, Curator, Detroit, USA



Eat My Dust
Mashumi Art Projects
Eyethu Centre
Maboneng Township Arts Experience


Circa on Jellicoe
David Krut Projects and Publishing
Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg
Gallery 2
Gallery MOMO
Goodman Gallery Johannesburg
Goethe Institut
Lizamore & Associates
Resolution Gallery


Bailey African History Archives
David Krut Projects
Johannesburg Art Gallery
Living Artists Emporium
Nirox Projects Space
Parts and Labour
Museum of African Designer
Trinity Session
Imba Ya Sarai
Workhorse Foundry
Bronwyn Lace
Hannelie Coetzee
Kim Lieberman
Lorenzo Nassimbeni
Ingrid Lefleur


Art on Paper
Artist Proof Studio
Fourthwall Books
Ithuba Arts Fund
Kalashnikovv Gallery
Market Photo Workshop Gallery
Stevenson Gal­lery, Johannesburg
The Bag Factory
Two by Two Art Studio
Wits Art Museum
Wits Substation


Maboneng Township Arts Experience



Parking: Wits Planetarium Parking
1 Pick-up/drop-off point 1: EST1912 Rockville
2 Pick-up/drop-off point 2: Next Door,
Vilakazi Street,Orlando
3 Pick-up/drop-off point 3: Eyethu Centre, Mofolo
4 Pick-up/drop-off point 4: Eat My Dust, Kliptown

Time: From 3:30 pmOSEBANK ARTS STRIP

Parking: Rosebank art strip
1 Pick-up/drop-off point 1: Goethe Institut
2 Pick-up/drop-off point 2: Goodman Gallery parking
3 Pick-up/drop-off point 3: Park Town North, Gallery MOMO parking
4 Pick-up/drop-off point 4: Jellicoe Avenue, Everard Read Gallery entrance

Time: From 4pm


Parking: Sandton Convention Centre Parking
1 Pick-up/drop-off point 1: FNB JOBURG ART FAIR, Sandton Convention Centre Entrance
2 Pick-up/drop-off point 2: Arts on Main Entrance

Time: From 3pm


Parking: Sandton Convention Centre Parking
1 Pick-up/drop-off point 1: FNB Joburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention
Centre Entrance
2 Pick-up/drop-off point 2: Juta Street, Stevenson Gallery Entrance
3 Pick-up/drop-off point 3: Juta Street, Ithuba Arts Fund Entrance
4 Pick-up/drop-off point 4: Newtown, Bus Factory parking
5 Pick-up/drop-off point 5: Fordsburg, The Bag Factory Entrance
6 Pick-up/drop-off point 5: Fordsburg, Asemblage
7 Pick-up/drop-off point 6: Braamfontein Werf, Gallery Art on Paper

Time: From 3 pm


Parking: Sandton Convention Centre Parking
1 Pick-up/drop-off point 1: FNB Joburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention Centre Entrance
2 Pick-up/drop-off point 2: GOM.ART
3 Pick-up/drop-off point 3: Alexandra Township Home Galleries

Time: From 1:30 pm


ART WEEK JOBURG maps with venues and shuttle information are available at the VANSA Information Desk at the FNB Joburg Art Fair 2014.

ART WEEK JOBURG is proudly supported by the Gauteng Provincial Government and the Gauteng Tourism Authority

Ijeoma Loren Uche-Okeke
Regional Network Development Manager | VANSA
t: +27 (0) 11 402 2085/6  |  c: +27 (0) 74 485 4631
f: 086 662 2074  |  e:

Art Week Map

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Winner of the 2013 Sylt Visual Artist's Residency, Kai Lossgott writes on his experience in Sylt.

A letter from the artist.

Dear Friends

It all happens in scorching 22 C, under blue skies, in a balmy breeze and unmistakeable quiet.  Built into the sand dunes, the Frisian thatch houses keep their secrets.  Its a bit like Disneyland and a bit like Ghostville.  It is mystery and hope, the cutting wind and a bicycle.  It wakes you at 5:30 and is only dark after 11 pm.  It is the sheer potential of really having enough hours in the day, if you just knew how to fill them.  It is not posting it on social media because you know you’d have to be here to understand.

Flat-out on the beach, I have spent hours staring at the sky while the camera did its job, shooting time lapse frames of the slowly shifting shadows in the sand.  I have ended up entirely alone with the waves for hours in the middle of the night and cycled home at 1 in the morning with a broken headlight.  I always knew I could see in the dark.  The revelation is that I can do this here without fear.

The walls of my apartment are plastered with mind maps.  I am joining dots and closing circles.  In my work here I have stumbled upon two strong new images that represent years of writing and thinking.  They point the way to the further images to be explored and what will be required.  More I will not say.  It is my long experience that work in progress should be kept a secret.  Sometimes one does not quite realise what a work in progress one still is.  Other times one is just craving approval.  Hindsight gives us fresh eyes to assess the value of what we have done.

I could not have chosen to come at a better time, as the holiday season attracts not only visitors but plenty of things for them to do.  Just outside my window is a theatre that fills nightly with vocalists, illusionists, jazz musicians, comedians, drag divas, people with fake American accents, and maverick entertainers with unique blends of all of the above.  I have kindly been gifted with tickets, and so there is much to look forward to in the evenings.

Photos:  The boys in the blue photo are the Bavarian band “LaBrassBanda", everyone's dancing barefoot and it involves tubas, folk rock-metal-techno fusion, and Bob Marley's lovechild on the base.  In the pink photo is the folk singer Dieter Thomas Kuhn in rose-coloured sequins and chest hair toupé, with twenty-something groupies up on stage going crazy, as we happily chant our way through the Woodstock summer of free love - in German.  That’s my friend Bianca on the bicycle, who stopped by for some lovely days at the beach talking about art, love, the universe, and sunsets.  A few days ago, I was invited to dinner at the local legendary SansiBar.  I got a life with some visitors from Munich in their rented coupé.  The Sansibar menu was extensive, thrilling to read, and would blow the average South African household budget out of the water, hence I tasted, chewed, smiled and listened most of the time.  The dessert was a first for me - candied olives and frozen yoghurt ice cream.  Then we raced home under an open roof and starlight.  The movie star look is free.

No details on the new work yet, haha.  I did sell a print to a wonderful lady with a sunflower on her head though. She turned out to be a hardcore attorney by profession.  I love surprises, and they keep coming.

You asked, now you know.  I am in over my head in gratitude for this wonderful opportunity, and I’ll keep you posted. ;)

Best Regards,


Thursday, 7 August 2014

17th Annual Business Day BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard, Finalists announced

Congratulations again to SA Art Times and their BASA Awards nomination, for the media sponsorship of Art Source South Africa's Professional Practice Seminars! We so excited!

17th Annual Business Day BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard, Finalists announced 

The unique, shared value created by business and arts partnerships is amply demonstrated by the nearly 60 finalists in the 17th Annual Business Day BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard.

Finalists in the 12 categories that were open for entry reflect an increasing recognition, by businesses of all sizes, of the role of mutually beneficial, equitable and sustainable business-arts partnerships.

Whether it’s smaller businesses, like Trainiac SA’s strategy alignment and visualisation project for the Hillbrow Theatre Project or Buz Publicity’s pro-bono media sponsorship of Assitej SA, or sizable partnerships, for instance Bank of America’s sponsorship of Gerald Sekoto: Song For Sekota at the Wits Art Museum or Samsung Electronics Africa’s support for the Pan African fashion design event, Amaze Africa, this year’s finalists showcase the different and exciting ways that business and arts partnerships have manifested between January and December 2013 . 

Another striking aspect of this year’s BASA Awards is the wider geographical spread of finalists, with a strong showing by arts and business partnerships in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. Among these are the nomination of Pam Golding Properties Kynsna for the Knysna Literary Festival in the First Time Sponsor category; Siemens’ sponsorship of the Tree of Wisdom at Mandela School of Science & Technology in Mvezo; and Nashua Pietermaritzburg’s support of Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism’s Art in the Park event, one of the finalists in the Arts in the Environment category, supported by Nedbank. 

The Long-Term Partnership Award, supported by Stephan Welz & co, rewards sustained arts-business partnerships and is once more underlined by the nomination of several past winners. 

These include Sasol for the SASOL Free State/Northern Cape Schools Festival, Standard Bank of South Africa Limited for the Standard Bank Jazz Festival, Grahamstown and Rand Merchant Bank for its support of the National School of the Arts Festival of Fame and The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative. 

Judges for the 17th Annual Business Day BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard are CEO of the Mastrantonio Group Giovanni Marian (chairman); media consultant and editor of Destiny Man Kojo Baffoe; Sunday Independent arts critic Mary Corrigall; independent arts consultant Nicky du Plessis; television host, arts advocate and CEO of the National Heritage Project Company Dali Tambo; 5fm DJ Fikile Moeti; Experiential Marketing Director at Ogilvy and Mather Thresho Selesho and academic and practising artist, Roelof Petrus van Wyk.

“I believe that arts and culture are manifestations of our Nation's soul,” comments Gianni Mariano, chairman of the judging panel. “Business support for the arts creates the fabric of our society. As Business and Arts South Africa, we are proud that through the BASA awards we can recognise the excellence where business and arts meet.”

“Every year, it gets harder and harder to judge the BASA Awards with the calibre of entries,” comments Kojo Baffoe, editor of Destiny Man. 

“It is always heartening to see the real commitment that parts of corporate and business South Africa are making towards building and sustaining the arts in this country. This is our soul, and business should be – and looking at the BASA Awards, is – an integral part of. More can always be done but I do believe we are on the right track.”

Winners in the 12 categories along with the Art Champion and Chairman’s Premier Awards will be presented at a gala ceremony in Johannesburg on August 25th. 

The independent panel of judges evaluated the success of each partnership in achieving its objectives and in bringing genuine value and benefit to both partners. The Awards are audited by Grant Thornton.

For more information call the BASA offices on 011 4472295 or email or go to 

Innovation Award

• Vaal University of Technology - Agents of the 3D Revolution

• Radio Sonder Grense RSG - RSG Kunstefees 2013

• TBWA\ South Africa (PTY) Ltd - Rocking for Room13

• De Beers group Services (PTY) LTD - Shining Light Awards & Vuyani Dance Theatre

• Absa Bank Limited - Southern Guild International Exhibitions Programme 2013

First Time Sponsor Award

• Pam Golding Properties Knysna - Knysna Literary Festival

• Easigas (Pty) Ltd - OF SOUL & JOY Project

• Auto & General Insurance Company Limited - Auto & General 
Theatre on the Square

• Clear as a Bell - SHOWTIME 2013: Travelling Light

• Auto & General Insurance Company Limited - Naledi Theatre Awards

Increasing Access to the Arts Award

• Sasol - SASOL Free State/Northern Cape Schools Festival

• Rand Merchant Bank - National School of the Arts Festival of Fame

• Radio Sonder Grense RSG - RSG Kunstefees 2013

• Tsogo Sun - Tsogo Sun Arts Academy

• Rand Merchant Bank - The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, Extended Rural and Local Outreach

International Sponsorship Award

• Samsung Electronics Africa - Amaze Africa 

• Rolex - Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative

• Mercedes-Benz South Africa - 21 Icons South Africa

• Absa Bank Limited - Southern Guild International Exhibitions Programme 2013
• Bank of America - Gerard Sekoto : Song for Sekoto Exhibition

Long Term Partnership Award, supported by Stephan Welz & Co.

• Nedbank – The Arts & Culture Trust Professional Development Programme

• Rand Merchant Bank - Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company, Instrumental Training and Development

• Standard Bank of South Africa Limited - Standard Bank Jazz Festival, Grahamstown

• Solms Delta - ATKV-Oesfees

• Hilti South Africa PTY Ltd - Umculo Cape Festival, Fairy Queen

Media Sponsorship Award

• The Witness Newspaper - The Witness Hilton Arts Festival

• DeskLink Media - Arts & Culture Trust Awards

• The Citizen (Pty) Ltd - City

• Die Burger - Die Burger City of Cape Town Suidoosterfees

• South African Art Times - Professional Practice in the Visual Arts seminar

Small Business Award

• Buz Publicity - ASSITEJ SA

• Clear as a Bell - SHOWTIME 2013: Travelling Light

• Trainiac SA (Pty) Ltd - Hilbrow Theatre Project

• - National Eisteddfod Academy Young Performer Awards

• Ristorante La Trinita - Gauteng Opera, Dinner at the Opera

Strategic Project Award

• Standard Bank of South Africa Limited - Mobile Sculpture for New Standard Bank Offices, 30 Baker Street, Rosebank

• Telkom SA SOC Ltd - Telkom and UJ Design competition

• Mercedes-Benz South Africa - 21 Icons South Africa

• KPMG Services (Pty) Ltd - “We are KPMG”

• Nokia - Nokia Nothing Else Comes Close

• Spier - Sightlines’ at the 2013 FNB Joburg Art Fair

Sponsorship in Kind Award

• Webber Wentzel - Gerard Sekoto : Song for Sekoto Exhibition

• University of Johannesburg - The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, Dance company in residence

• Adams & Adams - Design Indaba

• Deloitte - Artist Proof Studio

• PaulCluver - Hope@PaulCluver

Development Award 

• Spier - Spier Arts Academy

• Tsogo Sun - Tsogo Sun Arts Academy

• Redefine Properties (Pty) Limited - Buskaid Music Academy

• De Beers group Services (PTY) LTD - National English Olympiad( De Beers English Olympiad)

• University of Johannesburg – Think Theatre Promotions, Othello

Arts & the Environment Award, supported by Nedbank

• Siemens (Pty) Ltd - Tree of Wisdom

• RADIO Today - iStart2 Challenge
• Johannesburg Development Agency - Shadow Boxing Public Artwork

• MasterCard - Winter Sculpture Fair presented by MasterCard

• Nashua - Nashua Art in the Park

Mentor of the Year

• Pamela Grayman - Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra

• Dale Smith - Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company

• Veronica King - Johannesburg Art Gallery

• Leanne Gitlin - Wits Art Museum